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DOWNLOAD the Oddities and Wonders mod, the essential key to finding a little something more in your Minecraft worlds!

EXPLORE odd new biomes, and use their materials to your advantage!

ENCOUNTER new and intriguing creatures that roam the lands!

CRAFT new weapons and tools to fend off terrible foes!

CONQUER the dangerous boss, the Evil Wizard!

This mod, called Oddities and Wonders, is a new Minecraft mod made in MCreator. The wiki for is free information for the community. The mod was made by DinoMaster_875, and it is constantly updated. It is a mod about adding a little something else into Minecraft. The mod is for version 1.12.2.


  • Main Developer
    • DinoMaster_875 (Aussietizzers) [Java Edition] 
  • Assistant Developer
    • BattleFairy9 [Bedrock Edition]
  • Ideas Consultant
    • AlohaGalaxy [Java Edition]
  • Texture Creator
    • BionicDino5 [Bedrock Edition]
  • Mob textures found in the
  • Modification made on

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